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Whether you're a candidate or an employer, finding the right match remains essential.
We're here to amplify quality opportunities and mitigate recruitment risks.
Key4Nova stands by your side to source competent and dedicated talent swiftly and effectively.

Driven by strategy & commitment

Executive recruitment is a strategic matter.

You need a trusted partner who understands your company specifics. Our track record speak volumes.
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”We are very satisfied with the experience we shared with Key4Nova. Attentive to our needs, they have perfectly understood the particularities of our sector and the profile sought. Throughout their mission, they remained close to our teams and demonstrated methodology and reactivity. In the end, this cooperation led to a recruitment that meets our requirements."
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Stéphane Gidenne
CEO - Cerba HealthCare
“The reason why Eurima works with Key4Nova is the bespoke, personal approach. This makes it possible to conduct a very targeted search for the right team members supported by experienced Key4Nova staff. Through their empathy towards our organisation, Key4Nova has been able each and every time to identify not only the right expertise but above all the right colleagues for the team.”
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Jan te Bos
General Manager - Eurima

Profit from the expertise of a global network.

We assist you with your needs locally and internationally.
Key4Nova is part of the INRALS network, comprising over twenty recruitment agencies meeting high standards in HR Management.

We originate from a robust collaboration between the French recruitment agency CDG Conseil and the Dutch recruitment agency Derks & Derks.

Both agencies are owner-managed and have collaborated since 2011 within the INRALS international network.
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