We offer a range of services to meet your HR & recruitments needs.
Our services span from specialists positions to top executive levels.
We identify, map and recruit profiles from specialists to top executives and leaders for key positions.

This involves initiating proactive and targeted searches to find qualified candidates that align with your organization's needs and culture.

Benefit from our expertise to attract and retain top talent.
We use a variety of methods, psychometric testing and in-depth interviews, to accurately measure suitability.

We help and support companies during acquisitions processes (M&A)
We ensure a smooth transition and alignment with your human capital goals.

Rely on us for professional, unbiased assessments of candidates and current employees alike.
Need to fill skill gaps, manage transitions, or lead temporary projects?

We source experienced, highly qualified professionals capable of handling key responsibilities in areas like project management, general management, human resources, finance, etc.

Assuring you swift solutions for urgent needs.
We help establish and nurture a culture of continuous learning and development, aiming to enhance overall performance and employee satisfaction. Our goal is simple: maximizing employee potential through tailored support solutions.
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Overview of our core industries

Life sciences
Key4Nova - Biotechnology
Key4Nova - Life Sciences Tool Service
Life sciences tool services
Key4Nova - Laboratories
Key4Nova - Healthcare Services
Healthcare Services
Key4Nova - Medical Devices Diagnostic
Medical Devices & Diagnostics
Key4Nova - Pharmaceuticals
Key4Nova - Industrial Goods Technology
Industrial Goods & Technology
Key4Nova - Process Industries
Process Industries
Key4Nova - Transportation Logistique
Transportation, Logistics & Distribution
Key4Nova - Diversified Services
Diversified Services

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