We are innovative

We are accountable

We are agile

We are transparent

Key4Nova is a dynamic and expanding team of recruitment consultants driven by a unrelenting pursuit of success. We specialize in a wide range of profiles, from specialists to executive senior levels, assisting companies in both French and Dutch-speaking regions. We offer expertise in different industries like Medical, MedTech, BioTech sectors and more
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Our approach is direct, transparent, and no-nonsense. We prioritize action over empty promises, adhering to the principle of saying what we do and doing what we say.
With modernity as one of our core values, Key4Nova has made de decision to use AI to boost, improve accuracy and efficiency in the daily operations by automatizing time-consuming tasks.

This technological advancement empowers us in the technical aspects of our work while allocating more time to prioritize the human element, which remains a priority in our field.

Therefore, our consultants can focus on cultivating meaningful relationships with both candidates and hiring managers.

At Key4Nova, we focus on innovation to achieve the best results for our clients, making the recruitment process smooth and building strong, lasting partnerships.

We are unique.

The methodology of a large corporation combined with the impact and assertiveness of a startup.

This helps us serve businesses of all sizes easily.

Our commitment to excellence shows in everything we do, from our methods to our tools.

This unique blend means we're quick, efficient, and deliver excellent results for our clients, setting us apart in the recruitment field.

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Kevin Camps

Managing Partner - Director
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Cédric de Groulard

Managing Partner
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Jan Derks

Managing Partner
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Shéra Janati

Staffing Coordinator Consultant
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Ana Arsenie

International Talent Acquisition
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Bjorn Schouten

Recruitment Consultant
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Dennis Uleman

Recruitment Consultant











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