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Mar 5, 2024

Thinking of a collaboration with Key4Nova? Here's what you can expect

Achieving a great match between clients and candidates is the ultimate goal, in recruitment. At Key4Nova, our mission is to provide qualitative HR services, both for our clients and our candidates.

If you are thinking of collaboration with us, here's a preview of what to expect ;

The Customer Journey

It all begins with a meaningful encounter, our introductory Meetings :

Whether in person or via digital platforms, we sit down with our future clients to understand their unique needs, their strategies, challenges, and overall corporate culture. We also take this time to present and explain our services to them. It's an opportunity for mutual discovery, where we explore how our offerings align with their objectives. The dialogue extends to discuss pricing and methodologies, leaving both parties envisioning the potential of a prosperous partnership.

A Harmonious Dialogue

Following the initial meeting, we ensure our clients have a comprehensive understanding of what we bring to the table. We provide them with a complete presentation that outlines our services and pricing, leaving no room for ambiguity.

If clients require further clarification or have lingering questions, we gladly host additional meetings to address their inquiries. We believe in fostering an environment of trust and transparency.

Contract Proposal

When the synergy is palpable, we present our clients with a contract proposal, solidifying the commitment to collaborate.

The Intake Meeting

This is where precision comes into play. During our intake meetings, we cover the specifics of the positions at hand, discussing not only their key aspects but also the essential hard and soft skills our clients seek in candidates. The hiring managers from the client's side, alongside our Key4Nova's manager and recruiter, engage in the dialogue.


Our dedication to transparency ensures clients are updated on the progress of their candidate search. They receive well-documented profiles with detailed feedback from interviews, allowing for a nuanced understanding of potential hires.

We offer guidance on the personality traits of candidates, aiding clients in making informed choices. Assessments, being one of our services, help clients that desires to use this tool to have a detailed understanding of what to expect when recruiting a specific candidate.

Offering Security

Once the client selects their desired candidate and that a signature from both sides occurs, we provide a six-month guarantee. This ensures a replacement if the candidate decides to leave within the specified period, without incurring additional costs.

With Key4Nova, you can expect a trustful partner drive by transparency, guiding you along the way for your long-term success.

The Candidate Journey

For candidates, the journey starts with their own interest by them applying for the job offer of one of our clients or by being sourced and identified by one of our consultants.

Once identified, candidates undergo a first screening process by including a phone call to assess their suitability to the function. Those who pass the screening phase progress to interviews, where we evaluate their compatibility with the client's needs and internal dynamics.

Successful candidates are presented to the client for their consideration. If the client wishes to meet the candidates in person or via a virtual platforme, we facilitate the meeting by organizing it.

For candidates who secure the job, it's a moment of celebration ! For those who don't, we make sure to maintain a connection, reaching out when new opportunities align with their skills.

In essence, the Customer Journey and Candidate Journey at Key4Nova are intertwined, forming a cohesive partnership. Our commitment to transparency, quality, and client satisfaction ensures that both clients and candidates experience a recruitment process that is efficient, effective, and ultimately rewarding. We believe that this synergy is the key to successful placements and long-lasting relationships in the ever-evolving world of recruitment.

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